AMB Oils Super Truck SAE 15w40

AMB Oils Super Truck  SAE 15w40


AMB Oils Super Truck SAE 15w40 is high performance engine oil for year-round applications. Based on LOW SAPS formula allows to meets the most recent emission standard of EURO IV, EURO V and EURO VI. LOW SAPS formula prolongs life of SCR and EGR systems as well as engines equipped with solid particle filters.

AMB Oil Super Truck SAE 15w40 is designed for extremely stressed engines of buses, trucks and other engines that burn diesel and compressed natural gas(CNG).




AMB Oils Super Truck SAE 15w40 can be used all year around in heavy duty engines powered by diesel and natural gas (CNG).


Performance Level




MAN 3575

MB 228.51

Renault VI RLD-3


Cummins CES 20081

Capterpillar ECF-1a, ECF-3

MTU Type 2.1

Detroit Diesel 93K218, 93K215

Mack EO-O Premium Plus


Technical Characteristics


Very stable and excellent viscosity behaviour,

Perfect lubrication for EURO IV, V, VI engines,

Very good prevention against deposits,

Good shear stability,

Very good cold start characteristics,

Safe lubricating layer at very high operating temperatures,

Suitable for extended oil change intervals,

Very good protection against corrosion and foam formation.

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