AMB Oils SuperTec SAE 5w40

AMB Oils SuperTec SAE 5w40 is a fully synthetic, low friction, high-performance engine oil for all petrol and diesel passenger cars and vans with and without turbo charger.

AMB Oils SuperTec SAE 5w40 is characterized by excellent cold starting behaviour, minimization of fuel consumption as well as wear, friction and corrosion. With AMB Oils SuperTec SAE 5w40 was a reliable and heavy-duty engine oil developed, in order to guarantee the low viscosity of the SAE 5W-class as well as the low evaporation loss.  This product is also providing extended oil change intervals to the maximum what helps to protect your engine.




AMB Oils SuperTec SAE 5w40 guarantees operation safety concerning all driving conditions as for example regarding extreme stop and go traffic as well as high speed driving on motorways.


Meets and exceeds folowing requirements:




BMW longlife-01,


MB 229.3 / 226.5,

VW 502.00/505.00,

Renault RN 0700 / RN 0710,

Oil meeting PSA specification B71 2296,

Fiat 9.55535-M2

AMB Oils SuperTec SAE 5w40